Fall Fun!

This past weekend Eliza took us to a Horse Show in Clearfield, a city very close to Hill Airforce Base where she hopes to take riding lessons. The trip was great. I’m still learning how to paste words and pictures better, but here are some highlights.

Sophia was a natural on the pony-ride. Although you could tell she was kind of scared, she was eager to get on the horse, thrilled when she was riding and didn’t want to get off. She talked to him, saying “neigh.” She also galloped around the track “neigh-ing.” I loved hearing her response when we saw an old hound-dog lying in the shade. She said “Bingo! Hi, Bingo! B-I-N-G-O!” Too cute.

Michael wandered a lot, trying to be free of me, and enjoyed treats from the dutch-oven breakfast and bake sale. He also humored me and played with the fall display. It was worth it though- aren’t the pictures cute?!

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