Today’s festivities were exciting, upbeat and brief. By 4 pm the kids (and us, parents) were exhausted. We basically ate candy for all meals and snacks, wore our costumes all day and watched movies about candy, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

We made it to the mall for an hour of trick-or-treating. Sophia said “trick-or-treat” when we asked her to, but otherwise she went straight for the candy. She was very good about saying “thank you” though. She was scared to go into some stores- like the crazy, black light ones, but Michael wasn’t. He walked in like he owned the joint. Michael held multiple pieces of candy in his hand, while sucking on others, grabbing more and trying to eat some with the wrappers still on. Both of them walked around like they owned the mall, but Sophia kept a closer eye on me than she usually does. I think seeing so many people in costume through her off.

My favorite part of the day was just playing in the leaves in the front yard. All four of us were throwing them into the air and letting them land on us. As far as pictures…I can’t help it if Michael is being especially cute this season and Sophia’s ignoring the camera…

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