Hmmm…this month has flown by so fast and I don’t even know what we’ve been doing! Here are some recent pictures anyway. Michael still loves wearing his Potato Head glasses and bringing odd toys to bed with him. Apparently he’s not on a low-carb diet… 🙂

Sophia is learning how to have “tea parties” and serve food. These pics are of her first time playing like this.
Look what she gave Chad! She gets a kick out of being the “Mommy” and serving hotdogs.

Sophia did have a tumble and broke her front tooth, but was able to get a crown put on and looks good as new. I’ll get some before and after pics up tomorrow.
Michael is understanding and communicating more all the time. We’re working on recognizing parts of the body. They are both very reverent with their arms folded during prayer. Sophia’s even started saying her own!

Chad and I are working hard getting his new business “Denman Woods” started. More about that later…

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