The Twelve Pictures of Christmas

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM CHEVA AND CO.!!! We love you and hope 2009 is wonderful for everyone. Here is a quick peek at how we spent the end of 2008 and this holiday season…

This is my attempt to get a cute winter shot of the kids in their Christmas clothes. They thought holding hands was silly.

Evan (Chad’s brother) was kind enough to play family photographer for us. Here we are!

This is a great shot of everyday life in our home- people snacking on sweets, wearing random costumes, and leaving projects half-way done. But everybody’s happy…

OK, now we’re making some progress on the tree. It’s all a matter of getting the ornaments on faster than the kids can figure out how to take them down.

And like always, Chad puts the star on top.

We spent many evenings playing games with Evan, Eliza (my sister) and Mike (her husband.) Eliza and Mike have recently been stationed at Hill Airforce Base, about 20 minutes from us. We love having family close by. Evan’s staying with us during his break from school. He’s been a great help at Chad’s shop and as a baby-sitter. I love the look on Michael’s face here as they play “Flipper Furry,” a hand-crafted game by Chad’s dad, Craig. I thought the loud snapping of marbles would scare the kids, but they both wanted a chance to play too.

Ah, Christmas morning…here’s Chad playing with Michael’s toys…
…Sophia playing with Michael’s toy…

…and Mommy playing with Michael.

The best thing about our quiet Christmas was watching the kids enjoy everything with no pretenses or expectations. Every present truly was a gift in their eyes… Thank you everyone for thinking of us.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you for your friendships and prayers.
Good luck in 2009!!!


  1. Hi Eva,
    I loved looking at your awesome family photos! What cuites (and not just the kids!) Hey – I love to play games, so I'm interested in “Flipper Fury”. It looks like fun! How is it played?
    Here's hoping 2009 is a great year for you all!

  2. It is fun! It's kind of a combination of soccer and pinball, 4-way. Each side of the board is that player's goal and there are pin-ball like knobs to block and shoot the marble with. Everyone starts with so many marbles and tries to score on others. The first one to “loose all their marbles” wins. You should borrow ours sometime…

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