Running In The Dark With My Mental Trainer…

This was my happy beginning to Day 2’s exercise.  People have asked me how I’m apporaching getting fit, and when it comes to exercise I’m doing as much as I can (as a fulltime mom) every day.  I was inspired to begin all of this because of watching the Biggest Loser on Netflix, so I wear my “uniform” each day, all day to squeeze in exercise time.  That’s right.  I’ve been wearing work-out clothes and a sports bra all day, every day the past week and I’ve worked out more than ever.  I do jumping jacks while watching veggie tales with the kids.  Michael will sit on my feet while I do sit-ups.  I curl Samuel when I play with him all in hopes of making myself stronger and teaching my kids the importance of health.
 Like this night, I generally set a goal, then expect more of myself than that initial goal, then go a little farther than that to satisfy what Jillian would say. LOL Yes, I imagine her there next to me yelling at me to run harder and faster, even though this might be the face I’m really seeing.

My goal was 20 times to the end of the driveway and back, which I upped to 25 to make it harder, then upped to 28 since that’s how old I am and to make it even more challenging.  Sophia and I started out together and then I saw this glorious, huge moon and had to get my camera.  The picture doesn’t do it justice- it was huge!  Like, as big as my face!

So now I’m jogging with my camera around my neck, back and forth, enjoying this moon and realizing “Wow.  It’s getting darker and the moon is climbing up this tree and I haven’t even gone back and forth 8 times yet!”

So, I seriously ended up running in the dark with just that moon’s light because I was having fun with my daughter, taking pictures and setting huge goals for myself.  LOL  It took me an entire hour to go back and forth that many times, and Jillian and Bob were running with me (in my imagination…) long after Sophia had gone to bed.
The moon was high up in the sky when I was done, but it was worth it!  I didn’t think I could do it, but I did.   I also learned that I can run over 3.25 miles in my own front yard. 🙂
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