Not So Sure About The Past Few Days, But That’s OK :)

Tomorrow morning will be one week since my first weigh in. I would be excited, except the weekend happened. And the weekend included a date where we ate out. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with water and no fries only to find out after that they squirted cheese on it and grilled and buttered the toast it came in. Ugh. I tried to order healthy! The weekend also included a trip to Carl’s Jr. since the kids had earned some money and wanted to spend it getting to eat there and play on the three story playground. I wanted to play in there too, but felt sick and had less of a work-out that day. 🙁

And then there were two get-togethers. One involved pizza, loaded with yummy toppings, and they ordered twice as much as we needed so there was plenty to go around. Guess who had to take the leftovers home? The other get-together involved ice cream. I’m sure I don’t need to include the sweet details. I did pretty good watching my portion sizes but we visited long enough to warrant another serving, so that’s where the trouble happened. Then if you’re like me you start thinking, “we never by this stuff. I should enjoy it while I can. Everyone else is eating it.” I’ve seriously got to self talk like I’m trying to avoid drinking in high school! “Not everyone else is doing it. And even if they are, you AREN’T everybody else.” It’s true. I’m not. I have a goal and I need to support myself more in reaching it.

Then this morning I totally pinched something in my back and could not walk! My husband had to come home from work early and I’ve been in bed. Part of me doesn’t want to weigh myself at all tomorrow because I don’t want to get discouraged. Also, I’m truly already feeling better and more confident in myself, so why should the scale matter? The other part of me knows it’s about the accoutability so I should go ahead, hop on, and just see.

I’m proud of myself for not using diet soda, diet pills, diet bars, any of that stuff! I’m trying to eat fresh and eat more fruits and vegetables. I’m exercising at some level every day. I’m still a mom that has the occasional meal out or happy meal drive-thru, but I’m letting myself choose the healthier options even if they cost more (Carl’s has a yummy turkey burger right now!) So, no matter the numbers, I like the Eva Barnett I am today more than the Eva I was last week, and that’s something you can’t measure on a scale.

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