Try A Sample…Don’t Worry! It’s Good For You! :)

Hi Friends! Did you know that over 40 of you checked my blog yesterday? Thank you!!! I am only now seeing the comments that so many of you posted after that first weigh-in and it is strengthening me more than you can imagine. I guess some more posted after I had looked so I didn’t realize there were more words of encouragement there. Your love and vocal support amazes me and is why I haven’t quit yet. 🙂

I thought I would share some samples of some other good stuff you’ve shared with me…

First, I had a message recently from a college friend I haven’t had contact with for over 6 years. Holland is the kind of guy you want as your friend, and what do you know? As soon as you meet him HE IS your friend because he is just that kind of person. He’s kind, funny, accepting, spiritual, dependable, trustworthy, makes you laugh and just feel comfortable. What I remembered about him wasn’t that he was overweight, but that he was an awesome, funny, good person and that he went through a transformation in college. You could see him running around the track, playing football and lacrosse. I didn’t know what had changed, but he seemed even more happy than before, was soon engaged and then I moved and just lost contact.

Well, awesome Holland, after seeing my blog sent me something. Turns out my friend went on to study fitness, become a personal trainer and even write a book called The Fat Trainer. It’s about “How An Overweight Personal Trainer Put It All Together To Get In Shape.” It’s great! I’m halfway through it and am really enjoying the tips to fitness he shares in a converational, relaxed but focused, even fun dialogue. He teaches the basics (and a little more) for effective weight-training, cardio work-outs, eating and general well-being. He HAS BEEN THERE and is open about his highest weight, his boredom with cardio and what he did to change it, and so much more. You can learn more about The Fat Trainer here, find it and Like it on Facebook or just buy it on Amazon for your kindle, ipad, bookshelf, whatever! for under $7. Holland, you are awesome! Thank You for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

Another blog (it’s a whole lot more than that too) I was made aware of today that I have to share is Oh She Glows. That link will take you to her About page which has a provacative slide show with statistics and images focusing on the world’s skewed view of health. I was overcome when I read the statistic regarding the number of 9 and 10 year-old girls who diet. My daughter is 6 and I am trying very hard to teach “healthy eating,” and not how to starve yourself. This is important to me since close family members and even myself have struggled with eating disorders. Food is not the enemy! How we eat or don’t eat, why we eat or don’t eat and what we eat or don’t eat is what we need to be thinking about.

She has awesome recipes that I am looking forward to using. After starting to read The End of Overeating (which I will HAVE to write about another day because it’s amazing- check out the link for an article about it) I want to try harder to make crackers, breads, granola bars etc. myself so I’m not relying on the store’s processed foods. I will hopefully post some tasty and healthy pictures of food this weekend. I hope these resources serve as more support for you like they are for me. Feel free to post a link or book title in a comment! I’d appreciate it! Thanks For Reading, Eva

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