Just "Not Feeling It" Yesterday…

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I woke up with a terrible headcold which I blame on all the germs my daughter is bringing back from kindergarten, my midnight (and 2 AM and 5 AM) playdates with Samuel, and running out of my multi-vitamin last week and not replacing it yet. Kmart! Here I come!

I buy my vitamins at Kmart because they have a rewards program. It doesn’t give you a whole lot of money back, but at the price vitamins are I figure something is better than nothing. They also carry vitamins with the USP seal which is important. From http://www.livestrong.com:

U.S. Pharmacopeia, USP, is an organization that provides quality testing and monitoring of dietary supplements. If all tests pass, then the supplement company can display a USP seal of approval on the label, packaging, and marketing materials of that dietary supplement. It also provides you with a quick and easy way to make an informed decision about which supplement brand to choose. All you have to do is look for the USP seal of approval to know if a particular vitamin supplement contains true and accurate information.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/366173-what-does-usp-mean-on-vitamin-supplements/#ixzz1prFIBiub

I’ve heard the NSF or CL seals work too, but I haven’t researched those. ANYWAY, even though I try to eat a balanced diet I make sure I take a basic Women’s multi-vitamin, Super B-Complex and Magnesium/Zinc/Calcium/D to stabilize my mood and it’s really been helping. I’m looking forward to adding Omega 3 to my arsenal too! My husband has started taking the Super B-Complex and it’s really been helping him too. The pills don’t replace a healthy diet, but to me, they help fill in the gaps.

BUT, yesterday was rough. I was annoyed with all the people dropping double-digits on my shows. Everything I wanted to eat was eaither super-acidic and killing my already rug-burned feeling throat(tomato soup, pineapple chuncks, oranges…) or full of carbs (pasta, cookies, muffins…) I tried walking and I felt dizzy because of all the fluids in my head (and the rest of my body- still on my period!) And since my kids are sick too they were ALL home. Lovely.

But by the end of the night I did 20 sittups, push-ups and plank balance exercises, some lunges, leg lifts and other pilates moves that were low-impact. I’m happy that exercising is a habit now. It’s not by any means compulsive. I didn’t kill myself with my workout because I knew I wasn’t feeling well. But I did something, and as my Dad always said as I headed out the door on days I had tests “Something is better than nothing! Take the partial credit!”

So I took the partial credit, feel proud of myself, and you know what? Things really do look better in the morning…I’m excited to see what today brings and what I BRING to TODAY! -Eva

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