Feeling The NEED For SPEED and Health…

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written. That’s because it’s been a while since I’ve done anything. In the last week I think I’ve managed just 2 partial-credit-workouts because I am SICK. Even in writing these few sentences I’ve already had to get up once to grab a tissue.

I have been SO SUPER SICK, it’s not even funny. My dirty laundry pile is starting to creep and extend out of the laundry room, and is threatening to take over my kitchen. I smell worse than I look, if that’s possible… My husband watched the kids so I could nap yesterday and I was out cold from 2 to 7! Which is crazy since taking naps is usually very difficult for me. But I knew I needed to take the opportunity to rest and try to recooperate. I serioulsy have not even had the energy for these little fingers to dance on the keyboard and write, I’ve been so out of it.

What’s my point? I am so grateful that usually I am healthy enough to exercise. We don’t have a gym membership or a lap pool in the backyard, but I have my health, body and enough motivation to get me going (usually.) I’m praying that tomorrow I will be recovered enough to at least enjoy a brisk walk because I am missing the exhilaration of jumping, running, lunging, feeling the burn of a good workout! Our bodies are so incredible! If there’s anything I take for granted, it’s my general, regular health.

If I can say I’m over this cold tomorrow it would almost be an insult to do a weigh-in, because honestly, I should just be thankful for that. So, if you have the OK from your doctor and you’re feeling healthy enough, take advantage of it and enjoy some exercise! It’s the best gift you could give yourself today… 🙂

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