My Breakfast Tips…That Include Frosted Cereals!

First, I gotta say that this is just what I am doing. I am not a Nutrionist (though that was my first major in college, so the interest is there) but these are some things that have been working for me in the morning…

I used to wake up and eat breakfast RIGHT away, like at 7 AM. I think I was super hungry because I would snack during the night or late at night and that would keep my hunger going, getting me to eat way more than I needed to. Now if I need something to chew on to keep me up at night it’s one apple slice, and I make it last! LOL

I wait until about 9 AM to have breakfast now and it’s great because it means I’m thinking about and accomplishing other things besides eating first. I feed my kids. I start a load of laundry. I read or even workout. I’ve jumpstarted the effectiveness of my day because it wasn’t focused on food.

Before it was all carbs- I would eat 4 pieces of toast sometimes because that’s what I loved! Well, for a while I went gluten free and found myself just eating fruit in the morning and I loved it. For example, a banana and apple and some water or other beverage was a great way to get my day started.

Now I occasionally have a bowl of cereal with some fruit. That combo really fills me up fast. Every few times I will measure the cereal and milk portions to remind myself of the amount I need. You wouldn’t spend more on a purchase than you need to, so why spend more calories on a meal if you don’t need to? The amount of cereal I used to pour is probably about twice of what I have now and I’m still totally satisfied. 🙂

By the way, breakfast cereals are sneaky! Just because it has granola (which is really high in fat) or raisins (which are high in sugar) doesn’t make it “healthy.” And “all natural” means nothing. Check out what I discovered this morning: Frosted Cheerios is WAY LOWER IN SUGAR than Raisin Bran. Yeah.

There’s almost twice as much sugar in Raisin Bran, probably because they want to make sure that bran tastes good to the potential consumer (YOU!) You can also see Raisin Bran has MUCH higher Sodium and Carbs. Again, more sodium to make it taste better and get you to buy it. 🙂 Just some facts to help us rethink what is “healthy.”

I’m making sure I eat fresh, cheack labels and keep my portion sizes reasonable. By waiting a little later to eat breakfast I’m not needing to snack between breakfast and lunch. Plus, I’m getting more done which makes me happier. I hope these ideas help you! Live well!!! Luv, Eva


  1. Hi there! Great tips for breakfast. Tony & I are only counting calories at this point , not sugars or carbs or anything else. I love Honey Bunches of Oats with the strawberries in it and sometimes I slice in a banana too. Other things we eat are a bagel toasted with light butter, french toast , 2 pieces, with jelly/jam or 1-1/2 pieces if its the TX Toast French toast. (we make the french toast ourselves). Or we have an english muffin with a piece of meat and cheese in it, also toasted.

  2. I love english muffins with meat or cheese! Throw in a tomato slice too if you're a tomato fan! Honey Bunches of Oats is also one of my faves. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  3. I just saw your cooment Katie! Great idea! Total also doesn't have all the sugars and sodium and would still be yummy with some raisins or craisins thrown in. Love it!

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