Running Again!! and My Secret Weigh-In…

Yes, today I finally ran again! I am SO MUCH HAPPIER than I was a few hours ago. It had really felt like a couple weeks since I’d had a real workout, and it was affeting my mood. This makes sense not only because I knew I wasn’t making as much progress on my goals as I could have been so I was grouchy, but because I wasn’t giving that boost to my endorphins either. My doctor told me a recent study showed that 40 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week was a more effective antidepressant in women than Zoloft. Yeah. So no wonder I was starting to turn into angry-lady-Eva. šŸ™‚

We’ve had some rough news and car problems and this never-ending cough but I decided I felt well enough and had enough frustration that needed to get out of me somehow that I needed to run!

I thought I might go half a mile. Before I left my husband tried to encourage me by saying “Go get ’em tiger!” I quickly corrected him and said “No, even if I walk as slow as your Grandma that will be good enough!” (did I mention I was cranky?) But really, I didn’t want to disappoint myself. At that point just getting out and tryng was good enough. Well, here are some pictures from my 3.1 mile journey!

These cows were seriously trying to charge me. Cute, but mean things!

I’m not the type of person to put signs with scriptures on my lawn, but I liked reading theirs as I ran up a hill on the second half of my run.

And finally, the view from the top! SO worth the burning in my legs! These are all just unedited images from my phone, but it’s fun to have with me. I also saw half of a torn up chicken on the side of the road, a small bird skeleton and a flattened, stiff some-kind-of road kill, all of which I decided not to photograph.

I’m still getting used to living in the country. I really do love running out here and think I’ve found my niche that works for me. I make sure I’m dressed for it before I start cooking dinner so as soon as hubby’s home and we’ve eaten I can go out for a little run. Knowing I’ll be running after I eat also ensures that I don’t stuff my face at dinner time. šŸ™‚ If it’s not a long jog then it’s laps in the front yard with one of my kids on my back. They like taking turns for piggy back rides and their extra weight will help me lose my extra weight!

But the amazing surprise to me was this secret weigh-in I decided to go ahead and do Tuesday morning. I didn’t want to because I haven’t been exercising much and I was still sick and grumpy (and didn’t want to get grumpier from seeing a gain) but I knew I wanted to stay on track. Imagine my surprise…

Another 1.8 pounds lost! I’m totally on track for my (slow!) and steady goal of being much healthier by Mother’s day, and my anniversary and birthday this July. I feel like I’m still losing because I’m still trying to eat healthy. I’m choosing fresh and low-sugar foods and watching my portions. And you know what? My body isn’t even wanting that other junk food like it used to. It’s craving vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meats because those are the foods that are fueling me best. I actually look forward to eating once it’s meal time because I know it’s going to be healthful and something I don’t regret later. Before I thought about food before, during and after I ate, the anticipation, enjoyment, and then guilt were a depressing cycle. But that cycle has stopped and that is something to be proud of.
Yes, I probably could have lost more if I hadn’t become so ill and had been exercising too. But no, I am not sad or guilty. I am excited about this journey more than ever! Good luck to you and good job on your efforts if you are trying to live healthier too! The results will come! Love, Eva

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