Hey Mama, Welcome To The 60’s! Whoa, Oh, oh, Oh…

OK, I hope some of you know what movie musical my posting title is from…Hairspray, people! The scene from that song seriously makes me teary every time I watch it. In case you haven’t seen it it is literally about a teenage daughter welcoming her mother to the real world. The mother’s obesity and fear have kept her homebound, just cleaning and wearing muumuus for decades. During the song they enter the colorful 1960’s city streets, dance, shop, sing, dance more (the end is better than an Old Navy commercial!) and together they overcome the fears that were holding them back. You gotta love a good musical moment…

Well, this Mama has entered the 60’s too, the 160’s…

The video component on my computer is having issues, so I was only able to take a picture to use yesterday, but there it is! I was still at 171 late last week and I wanted SO bad to finally be in the 160s this week. So I EXERCISED HARD!! Jillian, Bob, and Kim would be proud. I ate right and BAM! my body was ready to lose those pounds. I am learning that some weeks our body will go with us to that place, and some weeks it won’t, but either way I have to believe in the process. I am and I am feeling and (according to my hubby) looking great!

I’m so grateful for your encouraging words that have helped me not give up. I’ve been on this journey for 5 weeks, have lost and kept off over 9 pounds (almost 25% of my goal.) I am stronger physically and emotionally. Like my high school friend Taryn said, “I got this.”

If you want a fun pick-me-up, I’m including links below to my two favorite and (to me) motivational songs from Hairspray. Please remember this movie is rated PG-13 and its comedy is tongue-in-cheek. šŸ™‚

Here’s (Hey Mama) Welcome To The ’60s. My favorite moments are at 5:11 and 5:40- GO John Travolta!

And a must for any runner, jogger, dancer, housekeeper’s sound library… “You Can’t Stop The Beat.” Its beat is fast and keeps you going! WARNING this song uses the D word šŸ™‚ but if there’s anything I feel strongly enough about to hear the D-word, it’s the theme of this song. No one should ever put someone else down for their color, body size or type. Those qualities should not stop us from dreaming, doing and becoming. I know I’ve put myself down for my size and it was wrong to. No more. No more calling myself names or giving up and giving in because “I’m fat anyway.”

People throughout time have overcome SO MUCH! This movie clip covers TV and relationship integration, racial intolerance as well as judgments according to our size. Well, I’m going to be strong and overcome too. I’m going to overcome being lazy. I’m going to overcome giving up. I’m going to overcome being overweight by not selling myself short and trying anyway!

I’m wrapping things up with the words of my favorite verse that Ms. Maybell (in the movie Queen Latifah) sings (which Queen Latifah recorded in 1 take- WOW! It’s at 8:19 in the clip…) When I hear this I can’t help but sprint…

Oh oh oh
You can’t stop today
As it comes speeding down the track
Child, yesterday is hist’ry
And it’s never coming back

‘Cause tomorrow is a brand new day

And it don’t know white from black

Tomorrow is a brand new day! Keep going! Keep it up!

In the words of Christopher Walken’s character “Do it now or forever wish you had! Show ’em baby!”
(6:11- 6:22 in the song- again John Travolta is too funny!)
Only you can choose to “stop the beat,” but don’t! šŸ™‚ Love, Eva!

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