Just Checking In…

YAY!!! That’s over 12 lbs lost, although someone told me today they thought I’d lost 30! Thank you! I don’t take that in an offensive way at all. I know I am changing the way I treat my body and it’s changing the way it’s treating me. 🙂 Now, off to finish dinner, wash and fold my 6th load of laundry and start packing for my weekend away at BYU Women’s Conference. I hope I can still have fun and fit in some exercise and healthy food choices…we will see! No. I KNOW I CAN! 🙂 Luv, Eva


  1. Sweet you are going to women's conference! Im guessing its in UT. I dont even know when it is. Lol.if you have time and want to meet up – let me know! I live about 40 min away from the BYU campus though

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