Learning So Much!!!

So, I am at BYU Women’s Conference. 16,000 women are here learning and growing- it’s crazy and amazing! I am learning so much. One of the classes I went to was about living well, exercise and eating right. I am so excited to share some more amazing tips and perspectives that were shared with me. I chose to have Subway for lunch and a good salad for dinner which was great. I walked a ton! And then I had Dairy Queen’s brownie sundae for dessert. The good news is I allowed myself to have some balance and enjoy a treat. It’s also good that I didn’t feel like I HAD to finish it. Once I told myself it was OK, my view was guilt-free and balanced and feels wonderful. The best thing I heard was the fact that our bodies are gifts. Whether you believe your body is from God or not, it is an incredible gift to be able to have a body to get around in, jump in and run in. Be grateful for the gift. Don’t complain about it. We are not all meant to look the same. So, from now on if I have to think about my body or talk about it, I’m going to call it my “gift.” Right now my “gift” is tired, so I need to get some rest. But first, some push-ups and balance exercises. Yay! Life is good! Write more soon! Love, Eva

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  1. Bodies ARE a gift. Even if they can't do everything, I am grateful for the parts that still work.

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