Meeting Myself Again…And a Weigh-in!!!

When I started this blog a little over four years ago, it was to help get me through my postpartum depression with a more positive outlook.  I decided to title my blog “Things Always Look Better In The Morning” because growing up that’s what my Daddy would always say to me when I had been up to late, was exhausted and stressing myself out.  Although it’s a little frustrating to be in 2012 and still be fighting some of the same issues, it’s also REALLY encouraging.  I haven’t given up.  I’m still the same girl inside, I recognize her ever-positive voice.

 Although there have definitely been moments and months of darkness, this disease hasn’t jaded me or defeated me.  So today, along with a picture showing today’s weight (Yay for losing 2.2 more pounds this last week while on vacation!  Eating at Subway and walking lots-like, around the motel hallways at 10 PM for an hour while I talked on the phone, really did make a difference :)) I am also posting my first blog post ever.  I took these down when I was looking for a job, but little by little I will be re-posting them.  I’m excited to learn more from myself, laugh and cry a little and see how far I’ve come…

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Kick From Being Sick

THREE weeks ago I spent my time making great goals for myself, like “Staying on top of the dishes…Losing the ‘baby weight’…Losing the ‘baby weight’ by training for a marathon…Running a marathon this summer while helping find a cure, having a spotless home and getting ready for another baby!” and other positive, completely reasonable goals.

TWO weeks ago I spent most of my time making really good excuses for why I couldn’t accomplish my goals, like “I need to watch ‘Rock and Roll Sesame Street Classics’ again…The sink’s too full to do dishes…After that good run, I need to rest a little- like, a week…”

LAST week I’ve been sick. The kids have been sick, the hubby’s been sick, and even though the cat isn’t acting sick, I’m sure he’s sick of us. What do I wish more than ever? That I was healthy enough to start on some of those goals.

Really, sometimes it takes being out of the running to help you realize how glad you are you can wash dishes or exercise. Even if it’s painfully boring and tiring. I’m sure every now-legendary journey wasn’t all that glorious along the way (remember, no explorer had concealer, tampons, textingoptions on a cell phone or chocolate to binge on.) But at the end of the day, they were that much closer to ruining another ancient civilization. And we’re grateful for that. Just as I’m sure my kids are grateful for their clean clothes, even if they can’t tell me (or maybe that’s what all that cute cooing means. I’ll pretend it does…)

So, with Easter upon me and no ham to cook or pie to bake (but lots of meds and OJ) I’m seeing spring as just that- a time to spring and pounce on whatever goals my heart warms up to…anyone else up for a marathon?

Love, Eva 

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