My Downhill Slide… :( And Uphill Climb!

This week was hard.

It started with the hotdogs and chips they were giving out for free after the 5K.  I knew there would be food, and hotdogs, but I thought there would be some healthy options too.  I also thought one hotdog wouldn’t hurt too much if there weren’t other healthy options.

So I ate it.  And the chips.  My first mistakes.

Then I had to run errands and only had some granola bars in my purse- good ones, but still a packaged, convenience food that doesn’t make my tummy very happy.  My stomach felt worse.

Then I got home to a house of stressed out, whining people.  The contrast from the high-spirited, inspiring event I had just left was drastic and depressing.  But there was a birthday party to get ready for, so it was rush, rush and more food, food, food.  It was easy to think, “I’ve already had some junk today and ran a lot, so I’m just going to let today be a day off.”  A huge slice of cake, bite of cookie, scoop of ice cream and glass of punch later…I felt awful.

I used to be able to eat this and feel fine.  Yes, I was larger but I felt fine.  But my body cannot handle it now.  It had been weeks since I’d been uncomfortably full and now I had felt that way after several meals.  So you’d think I’d start the next day off great, right?

No, I woke up physically ill.  When I didn’t eat I was nauseated and when I did eat I still was nauseated.

Monday, the same and another celebration to be part of.  I got my favorite fresh salsa and cucumbers to eat it with and was checking out when BAM!  I saw a sale!  Tortilla chips, Gluten Free, two bags for $3.  I grabbed a couple so other people could enjoy the salsa too.  Of course, I ended up eating most of the first bag.

Leslie Sansone (yes, from the cheezy DVDS where you can walk miles in your living room) says “One good decision leads to another.”  I totally believe that!  You eat a good breakfast and you want to eat a good lunch.  You get a good workout and you want to fill yourself with healthy fuel.

But it’s important for me to remember the converse of this too.  For me, One bad decision leads to another.  Do you think I wanted to exercise on the days I ate poorly and the days after when I felt sick?  No way.  The only thing that kept me kind of going was remembering that my Dad would want me to make the most of each day I have with my body and if he had the chance he would take the walk.

So my weigh in wasn’t a gain…

But it wasn’t much of a loss either.

Still, I took that small loss as a blessing and moved forward with it.  My family (kids and hubby and sometimes dogs) and I have taken walks four evenings this past week.  I took a morning walk wearing Sam on my back and pushing Michael in the stroller and saw goats!  Then we had to do the walk again so the whole family could see goats! 

 We’ve played at the park and stayed active and I’m grateful for that. 

But I am going to remember Jillian Michael’s quote more:  Self-control is overrated.

On the show The Biggest Loser there’s an episode where they’re at a restaurant.  When she see’s what someone on her team ordered she dumps an entire salt shaker on his plate so he can’t eat it.  Well, I know now that if I have it around me I will take that one bite to “give it a try” or “just have a little and not be too healthy”, and then I will take one bite more and then another and another.

Lab rats in experiments have proven it!  They will walk across hot metal plates to get to sweet and salty foods even when they aren’t hungry, while the starving rats won’t walk across those same hot plates for bland food.  The level of dedication to get that processed sweet or salty food was almost as high as the addicted rats trying to get to their cocaine (from The End Of Overeating.)  Our bodies are programed to want that flavor and the best way I’ve found to avoid it is to AVOID IT! 🙂

So here I am avoiding it…  That other bag of tortilla chips is going to be part of my work out as I jump rope on top of it and crush it to pieces. 🙂

More about the Angel Walk tomorrow!  Happy Friday!  If you’re eating out try Subway or Blimpies like Chad and I did tonight  and “Eat Fresh”! LOL   Love, Eva

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