Our Family ANGEL WALK 5K!

The Angel Walk 5K was amazing!  I felt like the luckiest Mom ever to be with there with my family.  I was privileged to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem with everyone there, including my daughter- yes, she knows almost every word!  You can see the little angel we walked for in his Daddy’s arms in the picture above.  The school principal spoke too about his enthusiasm for life and watching basketball!

This is Chad explaining to Michael about how not every kid can run and play like he can.  Clearly, it was an eye opener, but a good thing to understand too.

There was a great family making balloon art for the kids for free!

We got in line with the stroller brigade!

And we were off, along with many other families from all walks of life…

Below is the one stop sign on our main street through town- no stoplights in Homedale!

 This cracked me up!  The dogs were drinking from the canal!

The child in front of us got his balloon sword untwisted somehow and began to cry.  Chad learned how to make balloon animals and toys though while doing a service project on his LDS Mission to Holland, so he stepped in and saved the day!

A tired baby…  He’s walking so much! 🙂 No, really he was SO well behaved for the almost two-hours he was in that thing!  And so was Sam. 🙂

We made it!  Look how happy my kids are.  LOL  No, but really, except for a minor fiasco where Michael had to use the bathroom and we had to knock on a (kind) stranger’s door for a potty break, they were great the whole 3+ miles!

Me with my angels…

They put hearts on our hands at the halfway mark, and here we are showing ours off!  I don’t think there’s anything my family could have done to show more love and support for me that Mother’s Day Weekend.  Love you and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  -Eva  
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