An Eva Update…A Milestone…And Some Recipes!!!

WOW!  It feels like SO LONG since I’ve written!  It’s only been two weeks, but it really feels like a lifetime.  What have I been up to?  A crazy, good time!  Sophia graduated Kindergarten!  My parents and sister came to visit for a week!  We all got the flu!  It’s been awesome!

And, dun-duh-duh-dun!!!!!  After several weeks of losing .4 lbs or so, I am finally in the 150’s!  So glad I didn’t give up, although I did give up trying to turn this picture around…

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Mostly, I’ve just been living the life I’ve wanted to be living, which is why it’s been hard to sqeeze in a lot of writing time.  Yes, I still have down moments.  Sam is NOT sleeping very much!  (again, why it’s hard to find time to write)  But I’m getting through the melt downs and moving on.  Eating healthier and fitting in exercise isn’t always the tastiest or funnest (yes funnest is a word!  I’m an English Major!)  but I know it makes for a happier Eva in the big picture, so it’s worth it.

I got a great phone call from my sweet mom today who said visiting with me “inspired” her to start eating healthier, walk more often and plant a garden.  GO MOM! 🙂  She in return inspired me to hop back on here and share some basic meals I use to keep me healthy and give me time to really live life.  For me, a healthy lifestyle is like keeping a clean house.  It’s not necessarily the MOST important thing in life.  But by staying on top of it I’m FREE TO DO the important things in life.  

For the first time the other day I played with my kids and they got worn out before I did!  HA!

I’m wearing clothes that two months ago I was going to donate, or even worse had just bought only to get home and find out the size I thought I was was too small.  Well, they fit me now!

I know we are saving money by eating-out less and cooking more, as well as having more quality family time.

So, here are some quick, inexpensive meals I cook regularly…

Chicken Quesadillas– I use mozzarella chz or fat free chz for mine- both are lighter than regular cheddar cheese.  If it seems dry you can put in some light cream cheese too.  Don’t even think about using butter!  There’s no need, with the cheese and some spices thrown in if you like!

Ground Turkey Tacos– Make sure to put some beans in there, lettuce, and tomatoes and olives- whatever veggies you like!
I load up on the cilantro and fresh lime for extra flavor for both of these meals!
I’ve also been making fresh salsa by throwing some sweet peppers and a tomato in my food processor, along with 1 tbsp of Fat Free Italian dressing and 1 tbsp of oil.  So yummy!  Eat it with cucumber slices and smother your taco with it like I do! 🙂
Homemade Pizza– By homemade, of course I mean store bought dough!  I’ve got three kids to watch and a workout to fit in people!  Our Wal-mart had two wheat ones for under $5 in a pack.  Throw on some sauce and cheese and again turkey pep or chicken for meat, and lots of veggies and you have a great, tasty meal for the whole family.  Serve with a salad!
Spaghetti– So easy to make a healthier version by using Heartland or Garden Delight noodles or any that have dried veggies in the pasta.  Saute some veggies (in 1 tbsp of olive oil or canola oil only if you HAVE to use it) and cook up some ground turkey.  We’ve been grabbing the premade turkey meatballs to make the healthy meals happen that much faster.  Use your leftover pizza sauce and you’re good to go!

Stir-Fry– I know “Fry” makes you think fatty- but not necessarily.  I basically steam all the veggies and microwave or George Foreman Grill the chicken and serve it on brown rive with some yummy low-sodium sauce.  Yes, it swirls in the wok a little to mix the flavor, but nothing is actually fried- Delicious!
I hope these ideas “inspire” you to cook something lighter.  There’s your menu for the week!  I’ve done the hard part, right?  LOL  Have a great one!  Love, Eva

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