Finding Success Through Failure…Joining The Failure Club

The past year I’ve been following a show on yahoo called “Failure Club.”  It follows the lives of some New Yorkers who are trying to live their specific, big dreams.  The idea is that without failures along the way, we can never achieve success.  We have to be willing to fail, even happy to fail, to succeed.  (How many prototypes did Edison have for the lightbulb?)

One of my college professors called it “Collecting Your No’s.”  In otherwords, if we thought it would take 20 rejections before a manuscript was published or produced, then we should start submitting and collecting our “No’s.”  Discouragement shouldn’t even appear until we had at least received our 20 rejections.  Failure was part of the process of success and we need not fear it, but maybe even look forward to it.  We would be that much closer to success.

On the second most recent episode of this show a comedian had the chance to perform on Amateur Night at The Apollo, a stage that has started many careers.  She was booed off.  🙁  But her energy and excitement after being booed off the stage was incredible!  She said that the worst possible scenario had happened and it wasn’t that bad.  She had nothing left to fear now, so she had that much more gusto with which to pursue her dream.

Well, I have joined the Failure Club.  I admit it.  After losing over 20 pounds I got scared.  I started to tell myself the next 20 pounds would be that much harder.  I lost my motivation to work out with the heat, our schedules, and wanting to be with my family.  I told myself I didn’t look so bad (which is true.)  But all of this was really just part of wanting to stop my progress so I wouldn’t have to face failure.

The result?  I gained weight.  And you know what?  After a day or so of thinking about it, I realized the worst was over!  And it wasn’t so bad!  So why not keep trying?!  Even if there are weeks I gain, I know I will be stronger and healthier inside.  I know exercising helps me relieve stress, which I DEFINITELY need. 🙂  I know eating right isn’t just about me, it’s about improving the health of my entire family and influencing them.  And you know what?  It’s working!  Last night my dear husband grilled chicken and zuchinni without any oil or salt and kept asking me “This is a healthy meal, right?” 🙂

So I’m back on the bandwagon.  I exercised all last week.  We’ve been eating yummy all-fruit smoothies and veggies from our garden.  And I feel better than ever!  So, go on!  Try failing at something!  Really, whenever we try something we are trying to do something that will end with success or failure.  The big difference is if in the face of failure, we keep going…

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