"With Your Love"

I have a song up!!!

I was trying to think of something deep to write about journeys and not giving up, but I’m too excited- I just HAD TO BLURT IT OUT! 🙂

You can see the lyrics/notes on the song and “like it” here:


Or just click below to listen or share with an awesome friend or loved one 🙂


(Yes, I had another bandcamp site but have forgotten all passwords to get into it and am still trying to recover it- What?  Me forget a password? LOL)

I would still like to do a lyric video so it’s on you tube or just perform it on video, but that would require making myself up a tad, and I’m about to have a water fight with my kids, so that will have to wait. 🙂

One funny story about the page the song is on is the picture I used.  The only picture I could find of Chad and me quickly was this one where he held up the camera and took it thinking we were making funny faces…but I wasn’t. 😉  Sorry Chad. 🙂

Also, when I was trying to find a picture for the header all my files were too large and I didn’t want to deal with changing it.  So, I finally found this kind of blurry one of old brick.  I decided it was perfect and fitting because it was like me.  My vision in life is often blurry- I don’t see it all clearly or “get it” quite the way God wants me too.  But I’m still here.  I may not be the prettiest building.  I’m even a little worn some days, but I have character.  And, I’m still standing. 🙂

Excited to post more songs soon!


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