Slides, Belly-flops & Picking Myself Up Again

I’ve been editing and posting pictures like crazy of our family activities this past spring, and most recently my kids’ school carnival.  (If you’d like to see some please become my “friend” and check ’em out. :))  Since all of our family is at least a state away, Facebook and other photo sharing keeps us connected.

Anyway, I came across some pictures I’d been meaning to write about from some moments with my family that especially inspired me…

 Just kidding about that one!  Although I do have an inspirational Mario Kart moment, but another time…
I meant this one…
 …and this one.
Little Sam is almost 2, and like most kids his age he does not know how to give up.  Whether it’s climbing a mini rock wall, vying for a toy, asking for a treat…he will try and try and try until he gets what he wants accomplished.  Sammy literally slid down this wall (on his adorable, cute, belly) several times before finally making it to the top.  And then he was off to his next challenge!  
There was no “Ok, where’s my prize?” or “Now I need my break.”  He just KEPT GOING!
Now I’m not saying I never want a break, because I like breaks.  And I’m not saying I don’t want a prize because I love prizes!  (Especially chocolate prizes!)  But I am saying that I wan to be more like Sam in my climbing-sliding-climbing endurance skills.  
I want to do a better job of picking myself up again and reaching for the top no matter how many times I belly-flop and slide down.  
Because maybe life isn’t about just getting to the top anyway.  Maybe it’s more like the slides my kids love, meant to have a high, beautiful view,
 then some descents,

  and then an opportunity to rise again.
If that’s the case, which every day I believe more and more that it is, I want to enjoy the ride (and slides) a lot more.  Kids have to grow and adapt so much and still find fun along the way, yet I know I make myself out to be the victim when things are hard.  
Does Sammy have a pity-party when he has to try more than once to climb his little mountain?  Nope.  Do Sophia and Michael complain about having to climb the stairs to get to ride down the slide?  Never.  
I love my kids.  As hard as it is to raise them sometimes, they are worth every moment, every minute, every slip, fall, belly-flop, slip and slide I find myself taking along the way.  There are a lot of  other things I could have done with my life, but taking the chance to grow with them is the greatest mountain I’ve been privileged to climb.  Best of all, they remind me to laugh, keep trying and be silly even in my worst belly-flop moments.  Thanks kiddies.  And thank you Sammy.   
Love, Eva

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