Exceeding Expectations

I am SO excited to have a little corner of the internet to share my thoughts, pictures and ideas regarding homeschooling.  It is such a blessing to be taking this journey right now.  It can be super stressful.  It’s slightly unexpected.  If three years ago someone had told me I would be embarking on this work, I don’t know that I would have believed them.  But it’s the right thing for us all right now, in this precious season of growth.

I don’t know for certain how long I will be on it.  I don’t know that I am the best teacher for it.  But I’m telling myself that I am every day.  I whisper it gently and try to believe it when I see my kids struggling.  I softly tell myself that I love my kids more than anyone.  That I pray for them and I’m in tune to their needs more than anyone.  That I would do anything to help them learn and thrive.  And all these things DO make me more than qualified to teach them and shape them.  And what little treasures, seriously, TREASURES they are!  I would equate them to a precious jewel you find in the wild, in a cavern still messy with dirt but beautiful in its rawness and valuable all the same.

It’s funny how I can see the things we do and sometimes feel like it wasn’t enough.  Yet, if they came home from another school and said they had done these things I would be really impressed.  So here’s to breaking free from giving others more credit than we give ourselves.  To seeing the tremendous value in our children and ourselves.

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules (and loves) the world…”


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