Healthier & Happier

What can I say about health?  I’m grateful for it.  I’m grateful I can jump with my kids on the trampoline.  I’m thankful I can chase them at the playground.  Today I climbed a net at the park, think two story jungle gym made of thick rope, and I was kind of scared but I did it.  I did it to be with my kids.

I work on being healthier so I can have more moments like that.  20 lbs ago, it was hard to do that.  Today I am closer to my goals than ever before because I understand more than ever why I am working for them.  It’s for my kids.  My family.  My happiness.  My confidence.  Because I can’t love anyone fully unless I love myself.  And how can I truly love myself if I’m not taking care of and nurturing myself?  That’s why the way I treat my body does matter.

My kids, my family, those are the same reasons I sometimes (like tonight) have a candy bar or popsicle with them.  I don’t want to take all the fun out of parties and insist on carrot sticks all the time!  It’s balance.  It’s also persistence.  It’s patience the days the workouts don’t happen.  It’s hope for the future.  And it’s a life that’s much, much happier than ever before.

Love, Eva

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