I Finally Did It!

I finally did it!!  No, wait…

I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve wanted a better organized blog for a LONG time.  And finally, through many late nights and chocolate candy bars, I’ve done it.  I’m super happy to be ready to start writing again, sharing thoughts and photos, and keeping things organized in their own blog section.  All the positive, inspirational insights my mind stumbles across will be here.  Please check out my other blogs listed below for more good stuff too.  And spread the word, because we can all use a little lift!  Love, Eva

For crafts and other homeschool & educational fun…www.happinessishomeschooling.blogspot.com

You can read about my continuing journey towards health through cleaner eating, better body image thoughts and family exercise ideas here…http://www.veggiefitmama.blogspot.com  

For ideas on teaching your children about Christ Like my Facebook page LDS Little Ones and check out my blog… www.ldslittleones.blogspot.com

And for other random family fun from trips, holidays or even just-the-mundane-but-still-wonderful-everyday-life visit… www.adventuresofchevaandcompany.blogspot.com

I love taking family portraits and have been busy at it for the past 3 years.  You can see my work, client reviews and modest pricing at  www.evabarnettphotography.blogspot.com.

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