So Much Good

Somehow, maybe because as a mommy of 3 I’m kind of busy, I went a few weeks without emptying the pictures from my camera.  When I finally got around to it I had over 1300 pictures to put on my computer.  OVER 1300!  I didn’t have any photo shoots during this time.  There weren’t any birthdays.  I even intentionally didn’t take my camera to a few events.  There were just a LOT of GOOD TIMES.

And in an instant, instead of complaining and thinking “Man, that’s a lot of photos to edit!” I found myself thinking “That is so much good.”  Because that’s what those pictures are!  Goodness in digital form.  All of them!  I don’t usually photograph the bad, because I remember it too often anyway.  I focus on trying to see and remember the good.  And as busy, crazy, and stressful life has been lately, it was so awesome to not even have to look at those images and know they were evidence of a good, happy life.  A simple life, but a great one.

It’s a life of trying to love others more than myself.  It’s a life of putting my own pride behind me.  It’s a life of cleaning the same messes again and again and again.  It’s days of cooking food that often goes uneaten just to hear five minutes later “Mom, I’m hungry.”  And it’s nights of interrupted sleep, diaper changes and lost valuables, because there is nothing more valuable than a pacifier at 3 A.M.

But in between those not so glorious moments are treasures.  The day is scattered with children’s laughter and my own deep, belly laughs.  I find myself staring into my sons’ rich, chocolate eyes, wondering where he got them, and realizing he’s looking into the same ones when he looks into mine.  There are sticky kisses and impromptu hugs and moments so good they can’t be staged or bought.  

Do I still have my tough days?  Yes!  I (and my husband) can attest to that.

But there is so much good.  And I have 1300 pictures to prove it.

Love, Eva

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