What’s For Lunch? Cilantro-Lime Fajita Soft Tacos!

I’ve been focusing on eating my carbs during lunch and tried out this creation last week.  It came out great.  Peppers were on super sale so I already had those.  I cooked those and some imitation meat (it’s made from all sorts of beans!) in olive oil on the stove, then put them in a thin wheat tortilla.  Then I found a recipe for Cafe Rio Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette here, whipped it up and poured it on top.
 I chose to put a little but of cheese on top and then put on some banana peppers for a little more kick.  Banana peppers have been a life saver, really making my salads and meals more interesting!  Way to get more veggies in a meal!  Not only are they better for me because they have more nutrients and less calories, but if I’m eating vegetables it also means I’m replacing the other not-so-good stuff.  
Hope I can keep up the good work!  
Good luck to anyone else reading this, and also trying to eat well!  Love, Eva

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