Good News!

The party was awesome!!! We had so much fun and I didn’t overeat at all.  I stuck to my one cupcake and hotdog and sandwich sized bag of chips.  I enjoyed myself without over doing it and using theholi day as an excuse to uncomfortably overeat.  And I ate some party food and allowed myself to without feeling super guilty.  It was a great accomplishment that a lot of people probably take for granted.

Now I just have to deal with avoiding the leftovers.  Didn’t do so well at that today. LOL  But at least it was just one cupcake and bag of chips again, and a couple bites of cake.  Could of been worse!  And tomorrow’s the Fourth of July!  But I will focus on getting up in the morning for my workout and getting enough veggies and fruit through out the day and hope it works out.

Good luck with your fitness efforts!


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