It’s Happening Again…dun, dun, DUUUN!!!!

So, at least this weight-loss journey is teaching me a lot about myself.
I’ve learned how I get set back.  It’s a pretty simple situation.  Life gets busier than usual and first my workouts get side tracked.  Maybe they are less intense.  Maybe they are skipped altogether.  Then I find myself making more exceptions.  “Just one or two is fine.”  “I’ve eaten well all day.  It won’t hurt.”  Then that turns into “Well, just for the rest of the day I will eat a little more casually.”  Then one day turns into two, or three, and without working out too, that ain’t good.

Then I hope back on the scale and get slightly discouraged that it hasn’t gone down.  Staying the same doesn’t bring a whole lot of happy energy.  So I step off that scale with my head still not completely in the game.  Well, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  I do believe eventually I will be able to have a little “cheat.”  I don’t even like thinking of it that way, because I believe and want balance.  But right now, I can’t be giving my body junk, skipping workouts or taking the easy options and expect to see progress.

So here are some pictures to remind me of the foods I LOVE and that love me back!!!  I’ve cooked and bought all of this before and loved it, and I am going to again.  I AM going to break through this plateau and get in to the 140’s!!!!!  140’s, baby, here I come!!!!!!  Love, Eva

 Turkey Burger with sauteed mushrooms and feta cheese…
 …with fresh lettuce from the garden
 Another turkey burger day (I think this was leftovers night) with mixed sauteed vegetable on top)
 “Fancy Salad” AKA garden greens with banana peppers!  ANY salad becomes fancy when you add banana peppers!  And I used a vegan meat substitute which was delicious!
 Blueberries! YUM!
Light Greek Yogurt is my new best friend
Easy organic salad mix from Costco…delicious and quick!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

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