Bedtime Blues with a Happy Refrain

Tonight, as I was getting the kids to bed 3 HOURS PAST their bedtime, I was feeling kind of burned out.  It’s been a great holiday visiting with family and now the tiredness for the kids and entitlement after having so many “fun days” is kicking in.  As I replaced sheets on a bed that had been wet the night before (I thought we were over this!) and filled sippy cups I was feeling agitated about every little thing and very unsuccessful at this profession called “Mommyhood.”  Was there REALLY a silver lining right now, in this moment in time? I wondered.  But then as I went to each of my children’s beds to say good night, I came upon my Sammy.  He was already sound asleep, his stuffed Angry Bird under his arm.  He looked like an angel, peacefully resting.  All I could say to myself was “If this little boy could fall asleep so calmly and look so content, you must be doing something right.”  To all the moms out there hanging on by a thread at times, I promise you ARE doing something right.  Because if you care enough to wonder if you are being a good mom, then you CARE ENOUGH.  And that care is what your kids need most of all.

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