"ABC" Breakfast

I usually post recipes on Fridays and spiritual thoughts on Sundays.  So I feel a little silly posting this today.  But considering tomorrow is the anniversary of my Daddy’s death, I think it’s entirely appropriate.

I can still remember my Dad leaving to catch the bus in the mornings, headed out the door with an apple in hand.  That was his daily breakfast.  So it’s no wonder that the last breakfast recipe I will be posting for a little while is my “ABC” Breakfast.  It’s simple and basic, and a great way to start your day!

“ABC” Breakfast

Apple slices and Almond Butter (or some peanut butter if you prefer- not the crazy, sugary kind!)
Citrus (You choose!  An orange, some tangerines or mandarins, pineapple- whatever!)

Enjoy or pack it up and take it on the road. 🙂

I get my Almond Butter from a grocery store where I can see it actually being crushed in front of me.  Nothing else added in.  I love it!  It’s pricey when you look at the cost per pound (around $8) but I find I use only about $0.80 worth for breakfast, which isn’t so bad at all.  A candy bar costs more!

When I think about health it’s always with reverence and respect.  Our bodies are SO INCREDIBLE!  The way the brain functions alone is a miracle!  And then the spine and the heart- don’t even get me started on our hands with all the integral muscles and nerves!  I am amazed every day at what we are capable of, so to me eating well is like paying rent.  My soul lives in this body and this powerful home needs to be taken care of every day.  I hope the posts from the last few days help you live healthier and start your day right.  Here is a photo with the recipe.  Eating well really can be easy as your ABC’s!

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