Summer Days

A few days ago we set out to have a water fight.  Swimsuits were snatched out of dressers and flip-flops were found as we rushed out to the backyard for an “EPIC” water balloon fight.  But after only filling up a few our hose (which already had one leak) sprung two more!  Water was gushing from the sides and not getting enough water to the spout to fill up the “Bunch O Balloons.”


We had to improvise.
Soon the bowls we had brought out to hold all the water balloons became our best water launchers.  We took turns filling them and pouring cold water all over each other, and ourselves.  Yes, the initial shock was crazy-cold, but then it was just sweet relief from the hot summer sun.
This day was a great example of how things can go really different than you planned…and be so much BETTER!  Yes, water balloons are fun.  We’ve enjoyed plenty of water balloon battles.  But…WOW!  I don’t think any water fight will ever compare to this one…even I gave in and willingly let them douse me!  I don’t know if it was the summer air or their laughter, but I did it.

And that’s me in my mismatched swimsuit because I couldn’t find my black shorts.  So glad I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying this day with my kids…even if they’re mischievous and sneaky.

 It wasn’t much.  Some water.  Some kitchen bowls.  Some time.  And a willing mother.  And yet it was everything.  It was everything to them.  And me. 

It was everything to me to watch them play and splash without a care in the world, besides who got to fill their bowl first.

  1. I thought I was the one being generous, giving my time to them and giving them a break from their chores and school work.  The funny thing is, the gift was really mine.  Seeing my oldest be so brave, volunteering to be the first one to get the bowl of water dumped on her, made me PROUD!  I didn’t realize she was braver than her brothers in that regard.  

Seeing Sam’s smiling face as he chased me around the yard…
And not seeing his face after he decided to pour his bowl on his own head instead…all these moments were treasures to me.  It’s days like these that we discover who we are and what we’re made of.  It’s days like these we learn what we’re willing to do for others, even if it’s freezing and terrifying!
Yup, it’s days like these.  And luckily, summer days are the longest…  Love, Eva

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