Michael Turns 9

We’ve had so many amazing times this summer…this whole year actually!  It’s been hard to keep up with the photos!  But I HAD to post these pictures before too much time went by.  We finished reading The Hobbit at 9:30 the night before Michael’s before.  Pictures of that adventure will come later, but here is his actual BIRTHDAY!

For his birthday we had a Hobbit movie marathon! He knows the grandpa he was named for love LOTR marathons and that he’s just like him.  Since we have all our fans going with the heat, I didn’t think streamers or balloons were going to work for decorations.  So I made this.  He came in and saw this poster and freaked out!  Arms out wide!  Just staring and smiling and loving it.

I sure love him!  Since it was Sunday and we don’t shop on the Sabbath I made an imitation of his favorite breakfast, a McGriddle.  Yes, I even got the M on there which I was especially proud of.


We started before church and then he changed back promptly into P.J.’s and said it was present time!


He LOVES Peregrine Falcons.  I LOVE that HE LOVES Peregrine Falcons.


I think it’s hilarious that Michael is completely changed back into P.J.’s, Sammy is halfway changed back into P.J.’s and Sophia is still in her church clothes.  Silly kids!

His sister and brother got him a card that plays music, the Hamster Dance specifically.  He adores these cards and always dances to the music that plays, though I haven’t been able to get a photo of that yet.

It warms my heart to see how excited the kids are to choose something for their brother.  They always wish they could get him something bigger than we can actually afford, and I think that’s sweet that they want to spoil him so much and make him happy.

I know it’s just a blurry cell phone picture, but I love the LOVE in this photo.  Moments like this make motherhood worth it!


I was THRILLED that I thought of getting him a boxed set of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit at the last minute and that Amazon delivered it in time!  He loves the covers that highlight the new movies too.  I think it makes him feel more grown up that we’re starting to let him see them with the Clearplay DVD player.  He loves the stories and has been asking me to read them all summer.  Now we really will be able to!  It was getting tedious to keep renewing our library copies- those are long books!

Sam is also getting educated on Middle Earth and all its magic.  He wants to be just like his big brother.


Have you ever seen bigger smiles?!


I’m so thankful my mom could be with us too.  She is an integral part of our family. (Notice Michael’s level of concentration- his tongue is sticking out!)

She made his cake for him and was sweet enough to bring a gift too!

Brothers sharing their passion!  I adore it when he scratches his head like that…

Love her smile and their priceless bond.


Michael, reading his card.  Sammy, photobombing.


And the main event, the big gift from Dad and Mom, a remote control four wheeler with drift abilities.

Of course, his brother had to try it out too…


Proof we really did watch all 3 movies.  Michael planned the menus for his day too.  Sausage McGriddles with bacon for breakfast.  Hot dogs with Dr. Pepper fries for lunch.  Nachos and Tacos for dinner.  There was a lot of meat, so I think Bilbo and the Dwarfs would have approved.

He was focused on building his Lego sets way more than he was on eating his carefully planned meals.  We are going to have leftovers for days!


I will even admit that I took a LOT of pictures of this moment. But I love this moment and I will never get it again! From now on it will be double digits.





Victory!  The candle is out and he can go back to building his Lego sets!  I loved how the cake turned out.  My mom is a genius and was able to cut it out and frost it so I could do the lettering on the One Ring.  It tasted DIVINE as well!

Showing off his handiwork!

Enjoying a drive!

The next day he went to the store and chose one toy to spend ALL his birthday money on.  He and his built it that afternoon.  It was intense!  Stick-your-tongue-out-while-you-think intense! And no, that couch does not usually go there. LOL But things change when you have a movie marathon and a remote control 4 wheeler to drive!


Kids toys are CRAZY nowadays!  But so cool too.  He LOVES it and has been doing a great job of sharing it with his siblings too.  Thank you, Grandpas and Grandmas!
Before his birthday was over I wanted one more picture of the map we used to track the Hobbit and his friends’ journeys as we watched the movie.  He wanted to stand on one end of the couch and posed me on the other.  I am so grateful that he wants me to be part of his life.  I’m so proud he’s proud to have me has his mother.  Motherhood is not easy, and even these special birthday days had their hiccups. But it’s loving each other anyway and pushing through them that gives us wonderful memories.  He said “Best Birthday Ever” more times than I can count.  And that means more to me than any thoughtless thing that was said out of sugary, tired, Lego building frustration. Above all, I’m so glad I have Michael.  He’s one of a kind and I’m blessed to call him mine.  Happy 9th Birthday Michael!  Best wished for a year of many glorious adventures!
Love, Eva


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