Shaping & Building: Moms are "Master Builders"

“I don’t know what to teach Sam!” Sophia said, a tad frustrated already.  I was feeling sick and crummy too, as I had woke up with a tummy ache and headache.  Not good when you’re a mom, especially a homeschooling mom! 
“How about you help him sort colors and challenge him to make towers with each one?  You can ask him to make the green tower the biggest, and then a red tower that’s smaller.  Help him understand different sizes.”  She was a trooper and agreed.  We pushed through and did a little bit of this and a little bit of that, eventually making a “Tower Family”.
But besides that, it didn’t feel like a very impressive day.  I was so out-of-energy I didn’t have many complaints about it either as I had dropped any expectations I had.  Some days are just average, I thought to myself.  But then something truly great happened.  I got to peek inside each of my kids’ personalities and I discovered something incredible.
The kids had to introduce themselves online for their new Distance Charter School , MyTechHigh.  This is the profile picture Michael had me take today.  
Couldn’t you just eat that face?!  I mean, if it wasn’t holding a huge lizard?  That smile!  Even if he’s too smart for his own good sometimes, boy, do I LOVE him.
Here’s what he wrote to introduce himself: 
Hi, My name is Michael. I’m 9 years old and I live in Ogden.  I have 5 people in my family.  I have one bearded dragon lizard and a cat.  My lizard’s name is Spikes and my cat’s name is Cole. I like to read.  I’m reading The Hobbit right now.  I really like The Lord of the Rings movies and I’m going to read those books too.  I’m also reading the Harry Potter books too. I’m excited to learn how to use an EV3.   I’m also learning about peregrine falcons.  And I’m excited to get a banjo soon and also go hunting soon with my Dad.  
So much in this reminded me of myself, and my husband.  It was like we REALLY had been influencing him all these years after all, and I could see it!  
Then it was Sophia’s turn.  She posted her photo from out latest family photo session.  Love this girl.  I can’t wait to edit the rest of the photos!  
Here’s what she wrote as her introduction.  So precious!
Hello, My name is Sophia.  A lot of people like to call me Kitty.  It’s my nickname.  I’m 10 years old. I’m most excited about learning about animals.  I like to draw zentangle animals.  I also like to make videos.  There are 5 people in my family and we have 6 pets.  One’s a dog, one’s a bearded dragon lizard, and we have three cats and a painted turtle named Tuck.  And we have 10 caterpillars and one is forming its cocoon.  My pets are the painted turtle and one of the cats.  She’s the mom of the other two cats and her name is Lily. I live in Ogden.  My favorite move is Alice in Wonderland and my favorite song is Gold by Britt Nicole.  My favorite place to go for a vacation is Zion National Park. 
Again, I know how why she knows those stories, songs and places.  I know why she gets to have all those pets.  It’s because of us!  Her parents, just loving her and teaching her, and doing things she enjoys one little day at a time.    
Finally, little Sam.  I chose this photo because it’s my current favorite, due to that proud expression over a caterpillar and those cute cheeks I want to squish! And of course, he liked the caterpillar and thought it looked “cool”. 
 This is what he wanted to say:
Hi, I’m Sam. I’m five years old.  I have 5 people in my family, Mom and Dad and Sophia and Myself.  I have a cat too, one cat.  His name is Tiger, the COMPLAINER CAT!  I’m excited about soccer.  I got new BLUE SHORTS!  I like to explore and play and play learning games on my computer.  I love to jump on the trampoline and swing the monkeys around and play with Buddy.  I’m going to be in Kindergarten.  My favorite books are the Lego Star Wars books, Elephant and Piggy books and the Pigeon books, like when he wants a cookie!  That part’s funny.  I live in Utah in Ogden, that’s where I was born.  I like going to Minnesota and I love the place we’re already in.  And I also like going to the Treehouse Museum and driving go-karts! I’m excited I can be a grown up.  And I’m excited about SCHOOL! And I want to play with Mom.  And it’s fun to have the sprinklers and jump on the trampoline.  That’s it! 
As I read about my children’s interests, goals, favorite places and more, I realized that a lot of that comes from me and my influence.  Isn’t that incredible?!  I can see so much of myself in them.  That’s never really hit me before the way it did today.  I’ve always known it’s good for me to be in the home and be there for my kids, but the magnitude of my influence has never touched me so deeply.  I am literally shaping and building these children EVERY day by how I treat them.  What a responsibility!  What a priceless gift.  What crazy pressure, right?  Good thing I know God thinks I can do it!
As I ignored my stomach ache and we hurried this evening to pick up soccer uniforms (something I encouraged last year as a former soccer player and something they ALL wanted to do again) Sammy said “Let’s hold hands!”  That connection as we walked together meant the world to me.  That desire to be close to each other did this mama’s heart good!  It’s so easy to think sometimes that the little things we do each day, like reading a book or cooking a dinner, don’t mean much.  But that’s not true.  We are shaping a world of love for our kids to grow and thrive in.  We are building their personalities, memories, and futures one little brick, one little, normal, average, safe day at a time.
Never forget that power you hold, Mothers!  And never underestimate your influence.
Moms are “Master Builders”.
Love, Eva

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