Fight Your Fight!

It’s been a wild month! From attending an inspiring conference to taking care of my family while we all suffered from the flu for two weeks, to playing catch up on photos, writing, music, and laundry- I’ve been feeling really behind! That’s when I have to slow down and pause, take in a deep breath and trust God.  After a good cry, I refocus on His timing, that He has a plan for me and things happen for a reason. Then, after some long hugs from my kids and sweetheart, I feel like I all is well and I can keep trying again.  No point in quitting, right?!

So, I’m starting to catch up on highlights from the last month!  I was blessed to attend the Worth of One Women’s Conference, a day geared towards helping women recognize their power and influence.  One of my favorite speakers was Bre Lasley. Bre and her sister were brutally attacked in their home when an intruder tried to stab them both to death last year. Their survival story is terrifying, brave and miraculous.  In the end, with not even a second to spare, an off-duty police officer had to shoot the intruder from behind, an entire staircase away, to kill him and stop him from using the knife that was pressed against Bre’s throat.  I highly recommend reading their story, which you can learn about more here: and

Now they share hope by telling their story as public speakers and using the social media platform Fight Like Girls, encouraging others to keep fighting, whatever their fight might be.

In her own words, “Though I thought my fight ended that night, that was actually the night it started.” Since that tragic, horrific battle Bre has entered a new war with anxiety and depression. How could anyone not, after something as scary as that happened to them?  But she is continuing to be brave and fight!

And what is so incredible is that she says her battle isn’t any more valid than someone else’s dealing with these issues. She made it clear that all of us facing these sensations of fear, inadequacy, and self-doubt are BRAVE, no matter what the source of the trauma. Her words were “Fight your fight, no matter what that fight is!”

I’ve been remembering this quote when the stress (both good and bad) of the last month has started to overwhelm me.   I honestly thought I had put the worst of these depressive demons behind me. But in the last few weeks, they have been back in the forefront of my life. It’s been terribly discouraging. Especially when I’m trying to finish and publish my 2 books this month with all the tips I’ve developed and used to “overcome anxiety and depression”. I’ve felt like a liar! A poser! A failure! I’ve felt all of this because I’ve had sad feelings again.

The truth is though that Satan is never going to stop trying to get me down. Even if physically or chemically things are balanced, spiritually there are still forces that affect me.  Satan knows, that just like YOU, I am a powerful force for good. He knows I want to inspire others to not give up or give in. He knows I want to help people keep fighting. So OF COURSE he’s going to try extra hard during such an important month. He doesn’t want me finishing what I’ve started.  He doesn’t want me sharing my stories and helping save lives.

I’m so thankful I had Bre’s words in my head these past few weeks. “Fight your fight!” I haven’t given up yet, even though there have been times like I’ve felt like it. And I don’t plan to. Be ready to see my new and improved book cover tomorrow!  Or sometime soon… 😉

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