What Gratitude Means to Me

Gratitude.  Lately I’ve been thinking about what Gratitude really means. I know, I know.  Being thankful is SO last week.  But in my opinion it’s even more important to be grateful in December because this coming month there’s such an immense focus on “stuff”.  As I took down our Thankful Tree tonight I read each thing we wrote down.  Here they are…

I’m thankful for silly pets.
I am thankful for my BEAUTIFUL Eva
I am thankful for the Atonement
The Earth
I’m thankful for healthy food.
My experiences that taught me stuff
Sophia’s kisses, hugs, “I love you Mommy’s” and freckles
I’m thankful for Mom and Dad
I’m thankful I can write
Michael’s help, leadership, curiosity, and intuitive care
I’m thankful for clothes
Sam’s honesty, silliness, and sense of humor (and snuggles!)
I’m grateful for the Lord
I’m thankful for books
I’m thankful for candy
Chad’s support, smiles & snuggles
Sports Games
I’m thankful for food and bed and home
I’m thankful for family
I’m thankful for cups
I’m grateful for the Lord

As I read through these tonight, I tried defining Gratitude based on what we listed.  I saw it as everything that makes us feel happy, safe, and loved.  No toys made this list.  Candy did, but candy is kind of essential, right?  Google did because my kids love looking up their interests.  Sports Games is on there because they love developing their talents.  Everything here (and LOTS more) encompasses what defines our safety net and our joy.

As we transition into the Christmas season I hope we can keep this idea of Gratitude close because Christmas is about the most happy, safe, loving event that ever happened on this earth- the birth of Jesus Christ.  He is the means of all healing, all joy, and all happy endings.  Let’s not let ourselves forget it!

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving…

Our fancy breakfast with everyone’s favorite foods.  Sophia loves sausage.  Michael chose the cinnamon rolls and juice.  Sammy LOVES bacon and powdered doughnuts.  The tangerines and grapes were for me!  The funeral potatoes were for Chad (and everyone).
This was the one quiet, peaceful moment of the whole day.  It lasted about 30 seconds, but it was beautiful.  Perfect.  Kids crafting quietly, getting along, doing exactly what makes any Mom happy!
 We had a special lunch with a special friend at Chuck-a-rama!
I really loved seeing the kids all serve him, push his wheelchair, get him food and help each other.  Yes, they stuffed themselves too but there WAS LOVE and SERVICE in between helpings. 
 My mom joined us for the evening.  I love this picture of her knitting.  It’s definitely a way I picture her in my mind when I think of her.  The cats liked watching her knit too.
 We decided to let our outdoor dog come in for a few hours.  LOVE these two, but I especially love them together.
 Buddy is a cuddler!  LOL! BFF’s
 We declared it “comfy pants time” and all switched to pajamas!
 More cuddling!  Sammy wanted to get in on the action.
 So did Sophia.  Here she is, like a blur!
 I sure love these people…
 The kids made an epic blanket fort while I was distracted with cooking, totally taking over my desk.  
 Lily the cat, and Buddy, both came inside.
 And quickly came outside!
 Chad cooked the turkey this year.  I was taking our friend home and helping him with some things, and it being so late in the day-  I had to rely on my Super Man!  He did a delicious job!  And once I got over my possessiveness of the job, I was REALLY GRATEFUL!
The Fam! At 9:55 P.M.! LOL
 This little boy, with cheeks I could kiss forever, sure asks a lot of me.  Just look at that plate!  He wants it all!  But there’s no one else I’d rather be a Mommy to.
 Sammy was so cute.  “I know how to cut THIS!”
 I was proud of Chad for carving the turkey.  I was also proud of myself for making cranberry sauce for the first time and for finding our gravy bowl right when we needed it!
 Sammy started to break down because Sophia and Michael had both eaten the biggest drumsticks.  So I said we should wear croissants as mustaches to distract him.  Michael reminded me that I always say not to play with our food.  I reminded him that a mom will do anything to keep her child from crying at the end of a holiday.
 Bunny ears…on a turkey.
 We made these cute toilet paper tubes for table decorations.  They took way longer than I inteneded, but were totally worth it.
 You wouldn’t believe how attached they got to them, especially Sammy! After dinner we all spent 40 minutes trying to find his so he could sleep with it.  We found it two days later in Sophia’s dollhouse.
Goofing around while enjoying his favorite dessert- vanilla ice cream IN A CONE.
This is how I do home decor.  Everything reminds me of my family and my Faith.  There’s nothing here that would fit in a magazine, but I don’t mind.  This is what makes me feel loved: Flowers from my husband.  Crafts made by my kids.  Art created by friends.  Toys that make my kids and me smile when we play with them together.  Oh, how I am GRATEFUL!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Love, Eva

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