Head Shot Bloopers and a Lip Sync: Taking Time to De-stress Between Surgeries

Last Friday I desperately needed a mental break.  I needed to laugh, though I wanted to cry.  But for work, I really needed to get a professional headshot done that evening.  After a day of doctor’s appointments, debating what kind of reconstruction I’ll have after a mastectomy, I needed to look happy, professional, and capable.  All my worries about silicone implants versus saline implants versus cutting elsewhere on my body in order to make an implant from my own flesh just had to be put on hold while I gave a natural, confident smile that said, “I totally know what I’m doing!  I have advice worth hearing!  Come hear me present!”  I truly want to be a professional speaker and singer, but honestly, most days I feel like a kid in an adult’s body.  On this evening, though, that was just perfect.


I got through my anxieties by loosening up and laughing.  I was kind of terrified of getting my photo taken.  The location was outdoors on a busy street with many people passing by.  And we were running late, so I literally threw on my son’s Star Wars and didn’t even put on a belt since the photo was only going to be waste up so we didn’t lose the light we needed.

All the rushing was stressing me out, so I asked my husband to be goofy and he got me giggling.  Then I started being silly too.

There’s a lot to be said for being silly.  It’s amazing to not care about ANYTHING for a few minutes and smile, laugh, and best of all, feel like you can do no wrong.  “I feel like I’m flying!”  

When you relax enough to do pouting model lips in a selfie with your husband, you’re RELAXED.

It means the worries of the day (or week or year!) aren’t on your mind because your mind is filled with fun, stress-free thoughts instead.  So, thanks to my husband’s supper, silly skills, I was able to relax and take these headshots for a conference I will be speaking at in September.


After I was done, I needed to relax even more though.  That’s when I made this video.  I already mentioned one thing most people don’t know about me, I’m still a kid at heart.  Another thing most people don’t know about me is that I’m also an award-winning lip syncher. Seriously.  In the top 3, twice.  In order to REALLY let loose after a stressful day, I put on some comfy clothes and cranked up this favorite song and did some epic lip syncing.  And thanks to a dare from my son, it’s here for your enjoyment.  I really hope it makes YOU LAUGH and RELAX and stress LESS for a few minutes.  The middle of the video gets a little blurry-sorry- but relaxing and letting loose was the whole point, so I wasn’t going to film it again.

If you haven’t taken the time lately to be silly, to relax, to just be goofy, DO IT!  Grab your cell phone and pretend it’s a microphone.  Take a silly picture!  Believe that you are beautiful, fun, and wonderful just the way you are, so you don’t need to worry so much.  I may be joking about the performance of this song, but I do mean every word of the lyrics.  When life is feeling like it’s too much, remember that you are amazing just the way you are.  That night, I didn’t need to be anyone else.  I still don’t.  I may have problems, everyone does, but that’s okay.  I’m okay.  I have my faith, my family, and friends, so who ways life isn’t beautiful just the way it is?  Who says?  Here’s some parting blooper photos. Enjoy! Laugh!  Life is enough and more importantly, YOU are enough.


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