Impressions from Reading The Book of Mormon and NEW Resources

(Edit: I no longer do these Come Follow Me printables, but I wanted to leave this post up to remember this season of our family’s study journey. Maybe part of it can be helpful to you too.)

Wow! Reading The Book of Mormon this past year meant so much to me, I didn’t want to just write about it. I made a video about it. I don’t know why, but I’ve had a really hard time reading my scriptures this past year. I would do it but it wouldn’t be with as much focus or follow-through as in years past. Just some verses here, another topic a different day, and anything but a straight forward read-through of The Book of Mormon. But President Nelson’s specific challenge changed that.  Here’s my biggest takeaway…

Like I said in the video, I’m really excited to share what I’m doing in my family to study the scriptures using the Come, Follow Me Manual. I try to do a little something fun and more reverent each day, and we’re not perfect at it but it’s going pretty well. Here’s the simple study guide, coloring page, handwriting page, game and video links we used to learn and review the stories last week for Week 1 (Dec 31 – Jan 6), We Are Responsible For Our Own Learning.

This study guide gave us all a place to write answers to the questions in the manual. When I printed the study guide two pages to a page, it was just two pages total, not too intimidating to fill out and easy to fold and stick in a scripture case. The idea was to give us somewhere we could write our thoughts and something we could reference to help us participate in class. We sometimes struggle with retention, but writing specific answers down helped us review and remember it. Here it is!

Week 1 Study Guide Printable Click on the title for the PDF or on the pics for JPEGS.

week 1 printable pic         week 1 printable pic 2

week 1 printable pic 3          week 1 printable pic 4

I also did a coloring page for younger kids you can download here as a PDF or by clicking the links below.

Week 1 Seek and Ye Shall Find coloring page

week 1 seek and ye shall find jpeg

The handwriting practice sheet used short parts of verses from the week’s lesson. It can be downloaded by clicking here. I just printed one for each child and had them trace over the letters again and again with different colored pencils each day to save paper. You could also stick it in a paper protector and use dry erase markers.

Week 1 Handwriting Ponderize Practice

week 1 handwriting ponderizing

The game we played – which was SUPER FUN and they kept asking to play again – is a fun form of charades. I’m still trying to figure out what it’s called (my sister taught me) but you put a bunch of words on different slips of paper and then make a pile of them where no one can see them. I wrote these out from the week’s reading and their answers to different questions. Then you form 2 teams. For the 1st round, the first team member has 30 seconds to grab slips of paper and try to get their teammates to guess the word they are describing without using the word. When the time is up, the other team gets a turn, and so on until all the words have been guessed. Make note of how many words each side guessed.


Then for the second round, you play again except they can only describe the word they draw with ONE word, so you have to make it a good one! This can be clever or silly, depending on how your family makes connections. Continue to play until all words have been guessed and record the points.

Then for round three, you can ONLY gesture or do charades to get people to guess. Again, get through all the words and see who wins! 🙂

It was a RIOT and I will have to post my photos of our funny game sometime. Try it!!

Finally, in addition to trying to read the scripture references, we also used video links. My kids are visual learners, so I’m grateful the church has invested the time and resources in making these beautiful videos. My son wanted to binge-watch all the “live-action New Testament videos,” as he called them. Here are the ones we found helpful and relevant.

The Ten Virgins (told in Christ words as live-action video)

The Ten Virgins (as told through the children scripture stories)

They That Are Wise (The Ten Virgins live-action video)

Forgive 70 Times 7 (told in Christ words as live-action video)

Jesus is Crucified (as told through the children scripture stories)

Jesus is Scourged and Crucified (live-action and somewhat graphic for little ones)

My kids really liked watching these as a family. I really liked watching them too.

Finally, here are the memes I made this week to keep the words of the Savior on my mind. Life is busy, but there is always time for Christ if we make the time. I hope these help you keep him close.

come follow me what seek ye

also by faith

So that’s what we did for the first week and this past week has been similar and also fun. More importantly, the habit of studying together and sharing insights is being established, little by little. I will share this week’s printables ASAP and then hopefully get ahead from here on out.

I sure hope these resources can help you in your study!  This manual is truly inspired, and I’m learning that it is worth the time it takes to invest in reading, writing, and even playing as we learn about the scriptures and Jesus Christ’s gospel.


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