Slide Show Success: Doing My Own Family History!

Even though today was not the easiest, I spent part of my sabbath counting my blessings by doing some family photo organizing. It’s been a dream to start actually DOING something with photos from family trips and they’re so fun to look through again.

Here’s the slideshow we made of our annual Baby Animal Days excursion in Logan. The kids helped choose the music and it was fun to see them so excited about the pictures. They said it felt like “decades” ago even though it was just this past April. I’m pretty sure none of them have even been alive decades, but it was cute that they recognized how fast time flies and how it’s nice to reflect on past good adventures. I’m glad we spent some time doing our own family history today because we matter too! 🙂

Happy Sabbath! What did you do that was special? 😉

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