See the Good

A couple years ago when I was suffering from severe anxiety, a powerful acronym came to me one night. S.M.I.L.E. was a simple word that first reminded me to literally put a smile on my face, getting my body to release some endorphins. It was a good start, but each letter of this word would also become a tool and treasure in my recovery. I’d like to spend by next few blog posts highlighting those phrases. It starts with the mantra See the Good.

It’s essential that we try to See the Good around us in each moment. Even though it might be hard (SO hard!) there really is something to comfort us and bring hope if we look and see it. And we need to see it in order to stay emotionally healthy. As soon as I humbled-up and started believing that there was good in my regardless of my struggles, my life drastically improved. I had some joy again right in that moment.

Now I work hard to See the Good in the details each day to help me stay hopeful. If I see a mess, I try to remember I’m blessed with kids (who make awesome messes) and that we’re all healthy enough to clean it up. When the bills are piling up I try to remind myself that I at least I live in a country that has the conveniences I get to pay for. When I stare at the hole in my shower’s ceiling whenever I rinse the shampoo from my hair, I try to focus on the fact that at least I have indoor plumbing! There are still many areas where I struggle, but I keep practicing and time and time again I see the benefits of living with this conscientious gratitude.

Below are a couple more insights I’ve had where I’ve been able to See the Good. More are in the complete gallery on my site on the S.M.I.L.E. tab. I keep adding photos to it, so check back frequently. You’ll also be able to read more on this topic through an excerpt of my book at the bottom of that web page.

I hope these photos and thoughts can help you train your mind to See the Good regularly so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

See the Good Photo Gallery

I’m soooo excited to see these tulips! We planted the bulbs almost a year ago, and it’s about time to see them bloom. I love the metaphor in that. ❤️ Darkness doesn’t mean you’re over. It DOES mean you’ve been planted. You just need the strength to push through. Faith isn’t enough. It also takes the strength and willingness to work and keep going. The potential in this row makes me happy every time I walk by. Maybe our grass can use some work, but our flowers are going to be amazing!👊 #bloom
Truth: It’s been a hard year. 😬 😉Depression and anxiety have crept into our home again, through more than one door. I try to focus on the good and share that but I also want to be real, so here goes. ❤️We’ve needed help from friends, family, and even the Bishop’s storehouse at least once. We’ve stressed more when we should have prayed more. We’ve even occasionally asked the haunting, unhelpful question, “Why me?” But on the days we didn’t feel like getting out of bed, when we’ve been stuck in that depressing darkness, there have always been “packets of sunlight.” That’s what Richard G. Scott calls them in his incredible talk “Trust in the Lord” that I was blessed to read this weekend. I love my family, as much as they take over my life. Lol 😂 I love my potential, even if not being who I want to be yet frustrates me at times. #divinediscontent 🤗 Here we are in our often-disorganized, always under-construction home, just back from church. Sam’s the quickest to change out of his dress clothes and is eating the leftover popcorn he made for his breakfast. We’re squeezing each other because I wanted a candid photo and that’s what happened- squishy, happy faces. 😊 And there’s my husband, wearing a kitchen towel on his tummy because he didn’t want to get an apron on when I told him to after I saw him frying bacon in his white dress shirt. 😂 We are normal, everyday people, but we are AMAZING because we keep moving forward.👊 We have chaos. We have craziness. We have messes. We have tears. We have resentment and ugly anger. We have moments where life doesn’t feel fair and we don’t want to get up and try again. But we also have kisses, and joy, and laughter, and prayers, and do-overs, and squishy hugs, and microwave popcorn. Today I am thankful for all of it. I may not be tomorrow, haha. But right now I can see spiritually and with a little faith, and thankfully, I can say this crazy life is a good one.

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