Exercise Inspiration

We are what we think. Truly.

We are the products of our thoughts. What we do, say, eat, and believe is a product of the words we allow in our minds. So if you want to change your actions, you must start with changing your thoughts. That’s when real progress can begin.

Since there will always be reasons we’re “too busy to exercise” we need some firepower to fight those reasons. We need good thoughts to help motivate us! To cheer ourselves on so we can live the lives we are meant to live! That’s where my encouraging replacement statements come in. These are thoughts I’ve used to help me stay focused on my health goals. They help me be strong mentally when I want to give up on my healthy foods and exercise plans.

I hope you find some statements that resonate with you. Write them down somewhere you’ll see them and repeat them often until they’re memorized. Whatever your current health, you can maintain it and improve with positive thoughts and efforts.

Exercise Replacement Statements

“No matter the weather, my body still needs movement to be healthy. That doesn’t change with the seasons, so I will make it happen.”

“One good decision leads to another. Even if it’s just a few minutes, I will do something to maintain this healthy habit.”

“I owe it to my body, just like any other person does.”

“I need to make the time. I will only reap what I sow, so I will make time for what’s important and exercise any minute I can.”

“Wherever this attitude came from, I can change it. I want to make the most of my life, so that means I want to exercise.”

Below is some other exercise inspiration I’ve shared. I use Instgram, FB, and this blog to encourage others to care for themselves so they can lead happier lives. Please follow whatever platform works best for you! I know we honor our temples (our bodies) when we just try!

Brave Baby Steps

I’m still painfully aware of the muscles that hurt and are weak. Tonight the kids wanted to play chicken on the bars and the thought terrified me. What if my stitches all rip?! I know it’s been months since surgery but that’s where my thoughts go, and it’s a struggle. It hurts to push yourself. It hurts to not be as strong as you once were. So I let my mom fill in as I watched, afraid of the pain and recognition of how much my arm and chest muscles have diminished. I used to pride myself in my fitness, and today I wouldn’t even hang on these bars. I hid behind the camera! I’m voicing this to be honest with myself and call myself out a little. It’s time to push myself more, and not just by walking and jogging because those motions hide my weaknesses. It’s time to be myself again on the outside, not just the inside. It’s time to be brave and stop mourning what was lost and what was. Just like my son here, I have my family’s support. Little by little, I know I can do anything! I just need to give myself the chance.

It’s About Progress

There’s dust on my treadmill, but at least I was on it enough to notice! Yay! I’ve been walking or jogging every day this week for 15-45 minutes, and it’s been so good for my mood and mind. It doesn’t matter how far I go. It doesn’t matter if it was short or long. What matters is that I made time for my health, that I made a goal and kept it, and that I honored the body I cheered about coming to earth and receiving.

Cat Yoga!

I’m starting to work on my flexibility again, and I’m trying to enjoy the things I used to. My heels aren’t touching the ground, but it’s progress (and my cat was impressed). 

It’s Time.

This looks really weird.😂 Stretching after my first 6 AM walk with a friend. No more post-surgery excuses. #itstime


Fullscreen capture 452019 72014 AM

This month our family is learning about Respect, so tonight for Family Home Evening Sophia taught us about respecting our bodies by eating well, staying clean, and exercising. She made us delicious smoothies and here she is teaching the men of our family some warrior poses!


Dinner Dance Break!

Fullscreen capture 452019 71555 AM.bmp

If you came to my house right now you would find a dinner table halfway set and a mother and daughter happily distracted as we Zumba along to YouTube videos. If there isn’t time to take a break and dance with your kids, you are too busy! Try it…you won’t regret it. 😉 I even had to pay my 4-year-old with some spin time in mommy’s arms to get him to take the 25 photos it took to get this kind-of-not-blurry gem. Best trade ever. 10 minutes later there were already tears from a child due to a momentary frustration, but it’s OK. At least we danced! And we will again.


Climb Every Mountain

Fullscreen capture 452019 70710 AM

A perfect day for an adventure. I’m so grateful I have kids to help me push myself and try new things I never would do on my own, like climb snow-covered hills! When it comes to our spirits, it’s essential to be proactive and put ourselves in places where it’s easy to see that so much of THIS LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.