Food Tips Gallery

Below are some of the simple food helps I’ve shared. I used to overcomplicate eating well and wanted lots of fancy recipes with long lists of ingredients. Now I keep it simple: fresh foods in modest portions. I eat a lot of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Even though I’ve had unhealthy weight gain during times of illness and stress, it’s always come off again when I got back to this simple, whole foods approach to eating. I use Instagram, FB, and this blog to encourage others to care for themselves in simple ways so they can lead happier lives. Please follow and share on whatever platform works best for you! Thanks!

When it comes to snacks, why is citrus when it’s snowing so satisfying? (Say that fast 3 times! πŸ˜„ #eatwell #wholefoods#orange #mealsformentalhealth
Take time to cook with your kids. You’ll get so much out of it…time for conversation, precious memories, teaching opportunities, and a healthier dinner than if you eat out!
Pretty carrot garnish. #foodtipfriday Bangkok Garden in Ogden, UT has some amazing dishes and almost all can be made vegetarian. 
After weeks of trying, I’ve finally lost a couple pounds. I attribute it to proper portion sizes and being real. There will be times we are out and about, and we grab drive thru food for dinner or I cook convenience food for dinner. Instead of thinking, “This is the last time I’m having this,” and then splurging and overeating, I’ve been better about just having a little of that greasier item and then filling up on fruits and veggies.πŸ‘Š I used to be great at this, but I got out of practice when I got tired during surgery recovery. It felt like there was only so much energy to get through the day. I couldn’t even chop vegetables because of the limitations my doctor gave me during my healing (and the pain). But I’m excited to get back on track now! I’m ready to feel more like the real me, and part of that is through a whole foods, plant based diet. But I also know that as long as we have kids we will occasionally have tater tots, and I can have some too. β€πŸ‘ #balance #takingcareofme#morefruitsandveggies #moderation
“Look, Mom! It’s beautiful! It made a swirl!” β™₯ One of my favorite food tips is freezing your bananas before they’re about to go bad. Just slice them and lay the pieces flat in a Ziploc bag and you have a nice creamy addition to any smoothie. Plus, you didn’t waste any food or money! πŸ‘Š
I think I’ve found my new favorite way to eat a brownie.πŸ€— 
Cooking fresh can take more time, but it can be YOUR time when you think of it as a way of pampering yourself. So spoil yourself with good, fresh food! Turn up your favorite tunes or podcast and enjoy your spa time in the kitchen with delicious smells and flavors. That prep time can be happy time if you look at it as a break for your mind and a chance to bless your body (and if the kids are distracted and don’t need you! LOL)
In an effort to save money and eat better, Chad and I cooked this week instead of eating out for date night. It was a CRAZY day, so yes, we caved for some fries and pork chops once we finally got the chance to relax. But at least it was baked and not smothered in oil. Also, two plates like this (plus more salad and fries) only cost us $14.
These blackberries make the Costco salad that I didn’t think couldn’t be any better, BETTER! And even though it seriously felt like I was putting frosting on it as I dripped the dressing on, I don’t care. It’s better for my tummy/digestion than a cupcake! 
After seeing my friend’s cute jack-o’-lantern oranges, I will be drawing on my citrus more often. I think it would catch my kids’ attention and get them to eat more fruit if I did this, or drew their portraits, or special messages on their fruit year round.πŸ€—