Exercise Videos – Stretch & Strengthen with the Scriptures

Here are some exercise helps! I love exercising while listening to the words of the prophets. Often I relisten to the same chapter of scriptures or conference talk for deeper understanding. Just like a deep stretch takes time and relaxation, so does a rich study of the Gospel.

The most recent videos will be listed first. Always listen to your body and do what feels safe and right and what your health professional would recommend. I hope these videos help you take some time to take care of and strengthen YOURSELF physically and spiritually.

Rise Up and Stretch Class #3

Here’s a nice stretch for your back, shoulders, & legs. Enjoy and take care of yourself!

Rise Up and Stretch Class #2

Pause for Pilates Class #2

Walk-it-off! Class #1

Here’s a guide to making exercise happen anytime!

Rise Up & Stretch Class #1

Give yourself some chill time with this stretching video focusing on our torsos and core! Also, it seems like the music was too loud this time around. Consider this a class free of my instructions if that’s more your style! From now on I will triple-check the sound and try to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

Pause for Pilates Class #1

Here’s a strengthening class that will leave you feeling nice and stretched out too!