My site used to be almost entirely dedicated to improving mental health and was called UpliftingEva, then Rise Up and Smile. While I’m still passionate about positivity, I also love that today I don’t feel as defined by my mental health challenges or as focused on needing to eradicate them. I have daily habits of health and faith (including a counselor I check in with!) that help me minimize & manage my stress. My “M&M’s” (personal answers for hope after years of prayers and pondering) help me stay grounded and brave enough to reach out when I need extra support. I hope these links give you some encouragement to find what inspires and uplifts you!





Mental Breaks

Mental Highs – I use the acronym S.M.I.L.E. to remind me of things I can do to rise up when I’m feeling extra low. Here are some links on each part of that acronym and the personal story of how it came to me…

See the Good

Make Magic Moments

Isolate the Issue

Listen to Loving Thoughts

Endure to Enjoy

I hope these M&M’s inspire you to turn to the Lord for comfort and answers. Doing so has brought the greatest blessings and been the reason I’m actually thankful I’ve faced the darkness of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and food addiction. As I’ve sought Him, I’ve learned that He knows me and loves me. Through my struggles, the Savior has become my closest friend and guide. His tender mercies have been my anchor. This is why I now write almost exclusively about spirituality and what I learn from him.

Blessings to you on your journey of emotional wellness! The Lord will guide you!